GZ-NP2 核酸自动提取仪


  • 专为宠物核酸检测设计,完美匹配宠物医院PCR使用场景
  • 可同时提取2个样本最快8分钟
  • 内置运行程序,一键式启动,简便快速,无学习成本
Working principleMagnetic bar method
Sample volume100-1000uL
Number of bar magnetsTwo
Sample throughputTwo
Magnetic bead recovery95%
Sensitivity1000 copies/mi
Difference between holesCV5%
Single run time8 minutes/time
ConsumablesDedicated pre-set consumables for single throughput
Pollution controlUV disinfection
Shake and mixFixed frequency 3HZ
Operation interfacePhysical buttons
Program managementBuilt-in fixed templa
Equipment net weight3.7Kg
Working environment0-40℃,<80%RH
Mains powerBuilt-in power supply AC 110-250V 70W

Step 1: Take out an extraction reagent kit, tear off the top seal of the kit, then take a magnetic rod sleeve and place it in the corresponding well.

Step 2: Add 200uL of the prepared sample into the LB well. (Fig 1)

Step 3: Place the extraction reagent kit into the automatic extractor, then press the “Run” button to start the nucleic acid extraction. (Fig 2)

Step 4: After completing the nucleic acid extraction, take 20uL purified nucleic acid from the EB well and add it to the PChreagent tube, flick the reagent tube with fingers or use a vortex oscillator to shake and mix the lyophilized reagentcompletely. (Fig 3)

Canine & Feline Pathogens

Concurrent Illnesses in Humans and Pets

Exotic Animal Pathogens

Animal health Genetic test: Tumor, Kidney disease, Blood Type(developing)

Consumer-Grade Genetic Testing for Pets(developing)

Clean and maintain the nucleic acid extractor: Use 75% alcohol or wet wipes to clean both the internal and external surfaces, removing dust and stains. Then, dry the surfaces with a dry tissue.

Nucleic acid automatic extractor: Observe if the indicator lights are in a normal state. The running process takes about 8 minutes, with the machine producing operational sounds every 30 seconds on average. After normal completion, the liquid inside the reagent cartridge should be clear without magnetic beads, and the magnetic sleeve should be in place with magnetic beads at the bottom.