About GZ Med

GZ is short for Gangzhu.
In Chinese, Gangzhu is the most tough bamboo, which embodies our spirit– quietly and persistently breaking through the soil, resilient and unwavering.

As a pioneer of molecular diagnostic company, GZ not only focuses on optical & temperature control technique, but also dedicate to microfluidic and reagent developing. Currently, in the field of vet diagnostic, GZ’s fluorescence quantitative PCR testing products have always been at the leading level in the industry.

about gz med
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History and Core Value



Safeguarding life and health with innovative technology.



To be a professional system supplier for animal pathogen diagnosis, making diagnostics accessible.


Core Values

Integrity, Initiative, Openness, Collaboration, Selflessness, Dedication.


R&D Team and Technical Superiority

GangzhuMed has a number of core members of medical device instrument/reagent research and development with more than ten years of experience, familiar with the optical system and temperature control system of in vitro diagnostic medical devices, and has core materials for molecular diagnostics that are consistent with foreign imports in terms of research and development performance— The ability of tool enzymes and the strength of software and hardware development. In the era of rapid development of science and technology, the innovation of medical technology is the basic condition for the existence of enterprises. The product technology concept is always ahead of the same industry, and the mastery of key technologies is the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Application field: GangzhuMed, based on the concept of “microfluidic technology, makes molecular diagnosis easier!”, has launched products for detection and diagnosis in the medical pet industry: portable PCR instrument with self-developed dry fluorescent quantitative PCR reagents, automated microfluidic control Molecular diagnostic equipment and microfluidic diagnostic chip, and successfully implemented the project in the medical pet industry.

R&D Team and Technical Superiority


As one of China’s leading Vet PCR manufacturers, we have the certifications according to different country rules. All the machines imported from our factory are high quality and safety guaranteed.